Coconuts – s/t [cd No Quarter]

CoconutsSilver Lights, the first track of this album, with its weary incantations against the backdrop of dull bass sounds and the shrill and delay of the guitar is the more reverberating simulacrum of a Mouthus track from three years or so ago (to be more precise, Your Far Church of their excellent Saw A Halo album). Coconuts deals in haunting, sluggish sounds. Characteristic throughout the record is the delayed buzz guitar, effectuating a rather icy acoustics. Coconuts could indeed be considered a Cocteau Twins for capital N noise aficionados, minus the drum-machine (although you might imagine Robin Guthrie fashioning the noise himself in a parallel world). Daniel Mitha’s drumming, close in style in fact to Mouthus’ Nate Nelson, is even sparser than Moe Tucker on the traps.

But other than Mouthus, Coconuts lacks abrasiveness and abstractionist bravado. Rather than give oneself over to sheer distortion to end up somewhere utopian, as is Mouthus’ wont, Coconuts focuses on a different tonal palette, which has more in common with… shoegaze! Then again, I’m not so sure as to whether FX pedals, the stock-in-trade of orthodox shoegaze, are used to the same extent or at all here to get that admittedly singular guitar sound. The reference to stonerrock has also been made, but Coconuts is hardly recognizable as such, even if it is true that the music is so self-intoxicated that it struggles to move forward.

Whatever label is correct, I’m not sure that Coconuts’ Verfransung of styles is a development to be applauded, if development is the right word here. Although relatively original, the tracks over the length of the record sound fairly samey. And that band name…surely there are other options.

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